Platform of sharing economy

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Revolution of technology 4.0, Shareer is the winner

We all acknowledged that “sharing economy” has brought many utilities for society. We can say that “car sharing” is a great service. People who travel alone can share their trip with others in order to save cost, fuel and reduce traffic which is helping to protect the environment. Similarly, the room and house sharing services of Airbnb help to reduce expenses for visitors as well as connect people all over the world.

However, services of car sharing, asset sharing, house sharing, food sharing, etc. are still limited and imperceptible in some countries. Ecoshare solution is born order to catch up with needs and trends of the world as well as improve the above limitations. This is because it is a platform for all connections of “sharing economy” without limit of space, time, nation and sector.

From 2020 onwards, it is predicted that community will use Ecoshare applications not only in the fields of transport, real estate, financial services, education, health, etc., but also broadening, going beyond all boundaries and barriers to become a connection protocol of the civilized community.

IoT application

Companies like Uber and Grab have adopted IoT applications in a shared economy that have proved their initial successes. However, at the present time, users who want to hire a car sharing service must rely on an intermediary called Uber or grab and pay for the intermediary.

By enabling peer-to-peer connection and payment, blockchain technology opens up a new gate to direct interaction between parties, resulting in a shared economy that is truly decentralized.

Accordingly, Ecoshare application allows direct connection between consumers and suppliers of products or services without paying any fees to the third party. It will provide many products and services directly from Agent Share without any investment in infrastructure, technology and market solution, etc. Everything is done by Ecoshare.

Blockchain technology

How Ecoshare chain operates?

Nowadays, companies often launch customer care programs such as promotions, discounts, product offerings, point accumulation program which is aiming to attract more customers as well as maintaining their loyal customers.

By joining Ecoshare chain, businesses can exploit Eco as a reward or gift or promotion program for marketing campaigns, which increase sales and customer services. Businesses can receive a lot of value from connection, customer data.

What is Eco?

Eco is an internal point of Ecoworld Inc. used in Ecoworld ecosystem and all Agent Share in all sectors of life. Technically, Eco is a form of token encrypted on blockchain technology platform.

Ecoshare is created on blockchain technology. All Agent Share can use Eco as a free gift for their customers in order to attract new customers and maintain VIP customer service and customer appreciation service.

Ecoshare is representing the platform in the era of "sharing economy" on the basis of Blockchain technology. Ecoshare creates an open environment activating the interaction in order to create value between manufacturers and consumers, which is completely compatible between users and the convenience of exchanging goods or services or currency, thereby creating value for all participants.

An optimal solution, cost savings when connecting directly between people in need and suppliers of products or services without intermediaries. Increasing services, promoting business diversification. Ecoshare an open ecosystem that operates in an Ecoworld closed ecosystem

Ecoshare is a combination of Internet of thing with Blockchain technology in the Industrial Revolution 4.0


Join in Ecoshare community for free.

Promote brand and products on all channels of Ecoshare community for free.

Update information, sharing products, selling directly on app ECOSHARE, ECOMART, ECO-BUSINESS, ECOSTARTUP, IAMECO, ETC.

Participate in commercial fair, conference and social activities hold by Ecoshare.

Ecoshare protects benefits for all members and they can join voting system for products and services.


Increasing sales activities and sales volumes.

Eco Exchange Agent will receive 5-15% discount.

Profit from investing Eco due to price increasing according to block and roadmap.

Cross selling within Ecoshare chain to increase sales.

How is Eco released?

Eco is released by Ecoworld Incorporation on the basis of Blockchain technology with total amount of 10 billion Eco in the period of 2019-2023.

1. Private Sale - 1 billion Eco
From May to 14 July 2019 $ 0.005/Eco
From 15 July 2019 $ 0.006/Eco
From 15 August 2019 $ 0.008/Eco
2. Presale - 3 billion Eco (officially selling)
From 30 September 2019 Block pricing: $ 0.01 - $ 0.04
3. Public Sale - 6 billion Eco
Time After Presale (estimated on January 2020)
Block pricing $ 0.1 - $ 0.7

Eco's value is going to following its development roadmap. When Eco is shared and used widely by communities, Eco's value is increasing quickly, bringing benefit for business and customers.